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What custom projects?

Software development is our expertise and we are passionate about it. We come across extremely complex and difficult problems that require innovative thinking. We love challenging projects that require strong analytical skills and problem solving skills

  • Legacy Code Blues

    Staring at code for hours and need a fresh set of eyes to review

  • Lost Power and...

    Legacy system that always work just lost power and won't start up

  • Discuss in Private

    We keep your tech issues confidential

  • Solved. Final Answer

    No ping pong or happy hours when systems are down



A brief summary of our skills

  • C# & .NET Programming

  • SQL Databases

  • Virtualized Environments

  • Firewalls

  • 2FA

  • Enterprise Networking

  • Datacenter

Talk to our experts

Software and IT issues do not follow a schedule or 9-5 business day. When trouble strikes you need the best minds to help find a solution. Search beyond your existing organization for fresh and thoughtful input

Remote Assistance

The vast majority of technical issues may be solved via remote help

  • Video & Phone Support

  • Remote Control

  • Live Chat

On Site Assistance

Sometimes there is no substitute for the right personnel onsite to assist

  • Datacenters

  • Business Centers

  • Americas, Asia & Europe

Recurring Help

When the fire is out, it is nice to keep it that way. We offer monthly services to be available when needed

Some Past Questions


Frequently asked

? How can you solve complex issues that my organization can't?

Simply put, we are great at what we do. If size were the determining factor for making great products, the biggest company would always win.

? My IT admin has all the proper certifications but knows nothing...

Passing a test and unraveling complex issues in the real world are two vastly different things. Certificates show potential for competency but do not ensure mastery of a subject

? Do you always solve the issues?

Research and Development is a big part of our business. Unfortunately a lot of it results in dead ends or requires different iterations. We take great satisfaction in finding answers for our clients and will be up front if we do not believe there is an immediate fix or resolution.

? My IT department has been given a blank check yet we still have outages...

Having great hardware is needed but understanding what your business needs versus what the sales rep sold are always going to be an eternal struggle. Having a third party evaluate decisions and give impartial input will only help your organization

? Are my programmers writing code that is good, bad or ugly?

Programming is a tough profession and balancing the needs of a business with the constraints of the code, IT and ability of a developer is always a challenge. Consulting with us can help identify where the pain points are and allow you to make better decisions

? What type of clients have you worked with?

Everything from small business to large government organizations doing projects like passport control. We consult with entities that need critical thinking on projects that lack a single path to a solution.


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