January 2024 Newsletter

Letter from the President

January 2024 Update From Quomation #

Posted January 16, 2024

To Our Valued Customers,

2023 was an excellent year of product development here at Quomation for our AgencyStream® Manage and Quote products. I have enjoyed working with our AgentCare team on how we can continuously improve the software. I do value the feedback we receive and truly appreciate the business we have with each independent insurance agency.

Software is ‘virtual real estate’ and just like the construction of a building, you can visualize the project better as it is completed. AgencyStream Manage has been built on a powerful SQL database and harnesses the latest in C# programming language. While this is geek speak to most, think of a building with a solid foundation and strong structural steel. Finishing out the interior decorating is where we are now, and we can introduce several new powerful features to our AgencyStream product lines.

Quomation is committed to creating the best-in-class agency software. One of the most fulfilling things we come across is when agents switch to our AgencyStream suite of products from a competitor. When they realize we can save them money and not sacrifice features or usability, it is very satisfying for our team to know that we are helping the small agent compete efficiently against much larger competitors.

I have highlighted some of the product changes in the PDF below. Please take a few minutes to review. If you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to email us at . To our continued success and partnership for 2024.

At your Service,

J.R. Jensen

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