March 2023 Newsletter

Letter from the President

To Our Valued Customers,

Spring is officially here unless you live in the Intermountain West. Here in Utah, we have had one of the most prolific winters in 40 years, and one ski resort has exceeded 700 inches of snow! We joke we have two jobs, one to clear a path to the street from the house in the morning so we can go to work. Growing up in Colorado, I was accustomed to hard winters but the 2022-2023 winter is one for the record books.

Speaking of records, our deployment of AgencyStream Manage (ASM) has now become our fastest-growing product in the Company’s history. One metric we use to see how successful a product launch is the “noise factor.” How much do customers complain versus prior launches and how many bugs prevent the software from functioning? With any new product, there are growing pains and adjustments that need to be done. The noise that ASM creates is astonishingly low. New software is extremely painful to conceive, develop and deploy. Was it worth the effort? Absolutely – we can focus on our core products now instead of chasing bug fixes in our legacy software platforms.

Our AgentCare team loves the new online management system and can spend more time assisting agents to find out how to do something. If you never have used a management system and are ready to take the plunge, we are here to help. It is difficult to hire competent and reliable help these days and automating your agency will only help you spend more time with your customers.

Some of the new exciting features we have rolled out in ASM are new Charts and Graphs to help you visualize new policies, cancellations, and other items you want to track. We unveiled a new policy type with Professional Liability. Click on the link to see a full list of the software updates. 

At Your Service,

J.R. Jensen


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