How to Create a Certificate of Liability

Step 1: Select the ‘actions’ button on one of the policies that will be on the Certificate of Liability

Step 2: Click on the second option ‘ACORD 25 – Send to Multiple Certificate Holders

Step 3: Click on the blue plus sign to link a certificate holder

Step 4: Use the search bar to locate the certificate holder then click on ‘link certificate’ Once the certificate holder is linked click ‘close’ 

Step 5: Click on the blue plus sign to link the policies

Step 6: Click ‘link policy’ on the policies that belong on the certificate once the policies have been linked click ‘close

Step 7: To create the PDF, Click ‘generate document for’. This will add the information from the certificate holder and policies to the Certificate of Liability

Step 8: Click on the PDF to make any changes/view the Certificate of Liability

Step 9: Once the document is ready click on ‘send to Acord’ then select ‘close

Step 10: Click on ‘ACORD at the bottom of the client’s profile

Step 11: Click on ‘actions’ this will allow you to print/email or edit the document

*NOTE: Now that the Certificate of Liability exists you can make a ‘copy of the document, ‘link a new certificate holder’, and then ‘rename’ the document using the ‘actions’ button

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