Agency Management


Why is an agency management system important?

You work so hard to obtain new customers that you need an easy-to-use management system to track everything. AgencyStream Manage (ASM) is designed to be your one stop shop for all things for policy management.

  • Fast & easy

    ASM is easy to learn and quick to find your clients info

  • Quick Policy Lookup

    ASM delivers fast and accurate policy data

  • Policy Management

    Manage multiple policies and customers with powerful tools.

  • Save your money

    ASM offers rich features for a low price.


Agency Management


Highlights of ASM

  • Personal Lines

  • Commercial Lines

  • Life & Health Lines

  • Farm & Crop Lines

  • Specialty Lines

  • ACORD Forms

  • IVANS, TeamUp and Carrier Downloads

Talk to our agency management experts!

Our ASM specialists are here to help answer your questions and get you set up with your new management software. Call 801.226.1395 or email

Web Based Management

Access your data from anywhere with a web browser

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari friendly

  • Paypal Account

  • Online ATM

Secure & Safe

ASM uses the latest in SSL technology and 2FA for you and your agents

  • Any Visa/Master Credit Card

  • Paypal Account

  • Online ATM

Live Chat and Phone Support

AgencyStream Manage comes with live chat and phone support, Monday-Friday 7 AM to 5 PM Mountain time.

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Frequently asked

? Is AgencyStream Manage Hard to Learn

No! AgencyStream Manage is like learning to operate a new smartphone! The layout is easy to understand and use. Agents go from novice to expert in a few weeks of using our software!

? May I add more users later on

Definitely! You can start slow with a single user and then add as many users and offices as your agency requires over time.

? Is AgencyStream Manage good value

Absolutely! The rich features and live customer service we offer is the best in the industry for the money. Give us a try today!

? What if I do not have a management system

That's okay! Your agency grows overtime and paper files can work great for a while. You can make the transition from the paper to the digital world at your own pace.

? Do you offer Two Factor Authentication

Yes! You may use Google or Microsoft Authenticator to give an extra security bump for your users when logging into ASM

? May I work for anywhere using ASM

If you have an active internet connection, you may use ASM from land, air or sea. Just remember when you're on vacation to limit your screen time and enjoy your trip!


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